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    Do you take the pictures you post ?
    Mostly no . I do try and make sure all pics have both a click through link and written credit back to the source page . Images taken by me are stated as such .

    See a photo of yours you want taken down ?

    Send me a message Here , please include your name, and a link to the pic you want taken down . “that last one is very important” :) .

    Check out my page / follow me !

    I will, or I’ll try ,If you post things I like , and credit original sources then I will .

    Why did you unfollow me ?

    I’m not sure , usually it’s one of a couple reasons ; You post to much . (I like to keep up with everyone I follow and if you post hundreds a day I can’t) My tastes and or what you post has changed , Your blog was abandon for a month or longer and I removed it when doing a annual list clean . Or , you offended me / pissed me off aka you  support those who steal my or others work. :)

    Image crediting Q and A ;

    Image crediting is important , I do my very best to properly credit everything I post here , unless it’s something I stumbled and couldn’t find any image info on via tin eye . I post my own pics and creations and know what it feels like to have people come rip all credit and click through links off and post it as their own or a generic find . In general I don’t follow  people that do this or those that support them.

    Promote my page / follow for follow ?

    No. Tumblr isn’t about how many followers you can get , at least it isn’t for me .

    How many followers do you have ?

    I’d rather not say , does it matter anyway ?

    Are you a Lesbian ?

    I’ve been in a loving, committed relationship for about 5 yrs now, and yes she happens to be a woman. :)

    Can I see pics of you and your girlfriend / show your boobs ?

    No , the internet is full of that crap , go somewhere else pervy McPerv.

    How old are you ?

    Ancient , like omg 30 or something …:)


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